Freebie FAQ

Often I get a lot of questions about claiming online freebies. I figured I would put together a list of the most common questions and answer them all in one place so hopefully people will find this list and get answers.

1) I was told that nothing in life is free, what is the catch?
There really isn’t much of a catch. Just think of getting free stuff online like you do when you go through a local Sam’s Club on a Sunday afternoon. There are sample ladies all over giving out freebies for you to try. Companies have replicated this online and send out samples right to your door in order to get consumers (us) to try new products with the hope that we will buy it. It is a form of marketing for them. I do recommend if you are going to be claiming a lot of free stuff that you make up a new email address just for claiming stuff. Some companies will email you information on their products after you sign up. Just something to keep in mind.

2) Why do the free things run out so quick? I always miss them.
I get this one a lot, the best way to stay up on what freebies are available is to follow this site on social media and the email newsletter. Things do run out and sometimes there may not be many items available in the first place. Don’t let this discourage you, it is all stuff that is absolutely free so just move on to the next item.

3) How long will it take to get stuff in the mail?
This is where patience comes in, in todays day and age we are all used to instant gratification. Companies like Amazon and eBay have spoiled us with rapid shipping but unfortunately companies that are sending out free stuff aren’t usually as fast. A good rule of thumb is 6-8 weeks. Some stuff will come much more quickly than that but for the most part it will take about 6-8 weeks to get things in. If you order everything that is posted here after about 8 weeks you should be getting free stuff in the mailbox on an almost daily basis!

4) I didn’t get the free thing I ordered, can you check on it for me?
Unfortunately I am not able to do that. I don’t ship items and don’t have access to shipping information, I simply post and direct people on where there is free things that are available to claim. If you have questions about your freebie or if something was wrong with it you will need to direct those questions to the company that is sending it out.

5) What are the most common types of freebies?
Beauty products are by far the most common types. Facial cleansers, shampoo & conditioner as well as soaps. After that the most common is probably household goods. Lots of cleaning products, laundry detergent, stuff of that nature. There also is a fair amount of coffee and teas available to get as well. Stay at it long enough and you will see a little bit of everything. Every time I visit a Walmart, Target or my local grocery store I see shelves full of products that I have received for free or sampled!

6) What is the point? It seems like a waste of time.
In addition to getting free stuff in the mail it is actually a great hobby! It is a ton of fun and is really cheap (I mean, its FREE!). It also makes checking the mail a little more fun. Start claiming free stuff and gone are the days where you dread going to the mailbox because of bills, it makes checking the mail fun. I have had so many people write in and tell me how every day is like Christmas because of the stuff they get!